How you can be more effective as a conference attendee

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

How you can be more effective as an attendee at a conference and how as a boss you can encourage your people to get the most out of a conference.

How effective are you when you attend a conference?

Do you get the most out of the opportunity?

As a boss, do you wish your people would get more out of the conference for your business?

Chris Adams – Keynote speaker

Chris warns (in his usual straight-shooter style) that lots of conferences can be a waste of time if attendees don’t plan before a conference and make the most of the opportunity with purpose.

Tony Biancotti – conference confessions:  

I must confess, I’ve been guilty of trying too hard to get my money’s worth out of conferences – trying to do too much and learn too much rather than pacing myself.

I’ll use a sporting analogy in…

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ls 20 minutes late the new “on time”? – Why you shouldn’t accept lateness

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Are you one of those people who cannot bear to be late – or one of those people who seems to be always running late?

For some people, being on time is an “obsession” –  and they can be very hard on themselves if they are running late. It makes them feel physically uncomfortable. The “on time” people also expect punctuality from others.

Former Hollywood and Facebook exec Chris Adams has very strong views ON TIME  about being on time.

Even though time and tardiness were not planned topics for our CAP videos – here’s how lateness became a topic for discussion. Does lateness drive YOU crazy?


I’m at Chris Adams’s office for our catch-up to record some more videos for the Chris Adams Project. We are both busy guys and we catch up every month or so in between doing all the tasks of our respective careers.


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How you can communicate better with both the “creative” types AND the financial “money” people

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

How do you communicate with and persuade financial and “money” types?

How do you communicate with, persuade and win the trust of “creative” types?

Movie exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams has to communicate with both types. He shares tips on how you can adjust your “communication style” so you connect with these two very different styles.

In his movie and facebook days, Chris occupied very important “ground” between creative artists, writers and software engineers (who he argues are artists) and the venture capitalists and “money boys” (as he called them).

He described himself as a “suit” with a PhD in poetry and a love of storytelling.

I was keen to learn from Chris – how to bridge the gap. I often help creative types in advertising agencies improve their pitches and presentations – and from my experience the “creatives” detested and did not trust the “suits”

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Why you need to be aware of dangerous language and cultural differences between Americans and Australians

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

If you are an American communicating with Australians or an Australian communicating with Americans – you need to be aware of potentially embarrassing and even dangerous language and cultural differences between the two countries.

WARNING: This post and the video contain “colourful” language – but it can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Chris Adams is an American now living in Australia and he likes to warn his American and his Australian friends about the communication dangers and differences between the two countries.

And it’s not just word confusion – there are important “cultural” differences too.

Chris is a former Facebook and Hollywood exec who is married to an Australian and who now lives in Brisbane.

I’m an Aussie who now  lives in Brisbane –  and I learned a lot from studying and living in the US  – and most recently from working with lots of American execs.

In this video…

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What we can all learn from Randi Zuckerberg

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

I’ve just spent the morning looking at video clips of Randi Zuckerberg after Chris Adams raved about what a great person and presenter she is.

I had a vague knowledge that Randi was he sister of Mark Zuckerberg and that she was the Director ofMarketing at Facebook. I also knew she was coming to Brisbane for a big summit soon – but I had never seen her in action (either live or on video).

A very quick explanation for you – if you are reading this blog for the first time.

Who is writing this?

I’m Tony Biancotti – an Australian  journalist turned communication consultant and I learn lots from former Hollywood exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams (who now lives in Brisbane). Chris and I catch up every month or so and I capture his views (on business, presenting, pitching etc) on camera. I write the text…

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How storytelling and structure can help you in business

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

I’m very grateful for the day I met Hollywood and facebook exec Chris Adams at a backyard parent catch-up in Brisbane.

Chris is “into” a lot of things I am really  interested in: movies, writing, presenting, pitching, Obama, Bono and working to help good causes. Chris has worked in these areas at the highest levels. You can imagine how much I want to learn from him!

As a movie exec Chris helped create “Syriana” and “An Inconvenient Truth”

He is a big fan of Bono and is on the board of the Global Poverty Project (as is Bono)

He works with a talented young guy who created the social media for Obama’s 2008 Campaign.

He has met (and in some cases worked with many of my heroes) including George Clooney and Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

The best thing is Chris is willing to share his knowledge and experience –…

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How you can be a better conference speaker + how to establish credibility and likeability

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Chris Adams is a former Hollywood Exec from Participant Media who would “green light” and develop movies like An Inconvenient Truth and Syriana.

Chris has strong experience as a conference speaker at film conferences and more recently about social media. He also has strong(often contrarian) views on what makes a good conference speaker.

I’m keen to learn from Chris because I do some conference speaking on the topics of How to Work with the Media and Persuasive Communication – and I want to get better.

I study  and learn from youtube videos of Chris’s presentations – plus I have the advantage of being able to ask him questions directly when we catch up every month or so when we record a batch of videos for the Chris Adams Project.

Chris is happy to pass on lessons he has learned over the years including important lessons he has…

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