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Do you (or people you know) “share” too often and too much on social media?

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Do you share too much on Social media – so much that it annoys people?

I know I have a tendency to share too much and too often (I’m over enthusiastic!) – and I’ve appreciated recent, honest feedback from friends that it’s time for me to be more sparing with my sharing!

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec, social media speaker and commentator

A recent chat with Chris Adams (Hollywood and Facebook exec and social media speaker and commentator) helped me:

  • Understand the reasons behind sharing too much
  • Feel less guilty (he has the same challenge) but more determined to do something about it
  • Learn how to  still share – but more selectively

I realize the “irony” of sharing about the challenges of sharing too much! But this is IMPORTANT and a common challenge!

Thanks again Chris –  for your insights and for sharing…

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How you can learn more about using engaging storytelling – Chris’s 3-word solution

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec – storyteller

Chris Adams reckons it’s easy to understand how you can use storytelling to engage audiences.

His answer is 3 words  — Watch Star Wars!

I was stoked to hear this as I am a big fan of Star Wars! You can hear my positive reaction in the Chris video.

Both my son and I are big Star Wars fans. Got this cool Star Wars T-shirt at a sci-fi convention!

This video is a follow-up to his Whiteboard Session # 1 about story telling (video at the end of this post).

We let Chris loose in front of a whiteboard – and many of you liked the way he explained story arcs and structure – and we will definitely video more Whiteboard sessions!

In this follow-up Chris tells how he will be using the Whiteboard Session #1 as inspiration for…

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Chris Adams on: the age of austerity and his Tiffany’s epiphany

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

The “austerity” word is all over the news at the moment – especially in Greece and other parts of Europe.

In Australia, governments at all levels are cutting back – saying they can’t afford “extravagance”.

I was keen to ask Chris about how brands associated with luxury are coping in this age where “extravagance” is a dirty word.

I had no idea where this discussion would end up. It starts off with a “newsy hook” and ends up like a movie screenplay – but what do you expect from a movie exec!

With lessons for luxury brands on how they can learn from the Tiffany’s experience, the discussion moves from austerity to aspiration  – to how to wash away the guilt of aspiration  – to Chris’s own dramatic story about why he is such a fan of Tiffany’s.

I encourage you to follow the twists and turns – the…

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Getting things done under deadline pressure Part 2 – Grace under Deadline Pressure

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Grace under pressure when you are under deadline pressure – Learn from Hemingway

Hollywood and Facebook exec Chris Adams knows what it’s like to have to “be creative” under intense deadline pressure.

Chris Adams – writer, Hollywood and Facebook exec, Hemingway fan

He was responsible for green lighting movies such as An Inconvenient Truth and Syriana.

These days Chris lives in Brisbane (married to a “Brisbane girl”) and he always seems to juggling multiple projects at the same time.

I was keen to learn how he always seems to appear so cool under pressure when we catch up to record videos for the Chris Adams Project.

I like Chris’s no-BS advice about how creativity is hard work – but he also has practical tips on how to find your peak time and get into a state of flow.

As a writer, Chris found his personal peak time matched 

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How to get things done under deadline pressure #1

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Hollywood and Facebook executive Chris Adams knows all about juggling multiple projects and working under intense deadline pressure.

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec, writer on Social Media, Storyteller!

I was keen to learn from Chris about his “method” of getting things done.

Every time I catch up with him to capture his advice on video, he seems to be juggling so many different projects AND YET he seems so focussed and effective on the task at hand.

In between all his other projects – he has been writing a chapter for a new book on Online Marketing.

Chris has learned how to find his personal peak performance time.

In his video Chris shares:

  • How to develop a “feel” for the right time to perform at your peak time
  • How to create a physical and mental space for peak performance
  • How he tried the conventional…

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Why you shouldn’t work when you are ill – Don’t “play hurt”

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Are you the kind of person who works when you are ill?

Do you like to show how dedicated you are by working when you are ill and “playing hurt”?

I just returned from working in Sydney where so many people were sick.

TB Sydney

I got sick on the trip.

Usually, I just “soldier on” through – but this time I took advice from Chris Adams. I rested. I went to bed and I didn’t move. I didn’t feel guilty! I recovered faster than I would have if I kept on working.

I am re-posting Chris’s advice from an earlier post that was timed for all his friends in the US as the US was entering the cold and flu season.

Now – Australia is in this season – this winter of discontent.

Businesses are full of sick people. Cities are full of sick people.

Business leaders are trying to…

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How you can cope with information overload – too much good stuff to read

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

How do YOU cope with the flood of useful information that drowns you every day?

We’re  talking useFUL information not useLESS information ( Can’t get no Satisfaction style!)

We’re talking  useFUL information that fires YOUR imagination – interesting articles and bits of news that come in via twitter and Facebook and Linked In and Mashable and TechCrunch…..and Pulse….and the Onion…and…and…     We are drinking from a firehose!

There’s lots of noise and rubbish of course – but there’s also no shortage of valuable information – what’s short is the time to read it and process it and benefit from it!

Do YOU get time to read all the “good stuff” that comes in?

Does all the reading distract you from your real work?

Would you like to be better at the way you balance  and prioritise – and  actually get time…

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