Do you (or people you know) “share” too often and too much on social media?

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Do you share too much on Social media – so much that it annoys people?

I know I have a tendency to share too much and too often (I’m over enthusiastic!) – and I’ve appreciated recent, honest feedback from friends that it’s time for me to be more sparing with my sharing!

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec, social media speaker and commentator

A recent chat with Chris Adams (Hollywood and Facebook exec and social media speaker and commentator) helped me:

  • Understand the reasons behind sharing too much
  • Feel less guilty (he has the same challenge) but more determined to do something about it
  • Learn how to  still share – but more selectively

I realize the “irony” of sharing about the challenges of sharing too much! But this is IMPORTANT and a common challenge!

Thanks again Chris –  for your insights and for sharing…

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