Chris Adams on: the age of austerity and his Tiffany’s epiphany

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

The “austerity” word is all over the news at the moment – especially in Greece and other parts of Europe.

In Australia, governments at all levels are cutting back – saying they can’t afford “extravagance”.

I was keen to ask Chris about how brands associated with luxury are coping in this age where “extravagance” is a dirty word.

I had no idea where this discussion would end up. It starts off with a “newsy hook” and ends up like a movie screenplay – but what do you expect from a movie exec!

With lessons for luxury brands on how they can learn from the Tiffany’s experience, the discussion moves from austerity to aspiration  – to how to wash away the guilt of aspiration  – to Chris’s own dramatic story about why he is such a fan of Tiffany’s.

I encourage you to follow the twists and turns – the…

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