Why you shouldn’t work when you are ill – Don’t “play hurt”

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Are you the kind of person who works when you are ill?

Do you like to show how dedicated you are by working when you are ill and “playing hurt”?

I just returned from working in Sydney where so many people were sick.

TB Sydney

I got sick on the trip.

Usually, I just “soldier on” through – but this time I took advice from Chris Adams. I rested. I went to bed and I didn’t move. I didn’t feel guilty! I recovered faster than I would have if I kept on working.

I am re-posting Chris’s advice from an earlier post that was timed for all his friends in the US as the US was entering the cold and flu season.

Now – Australia is in this season – this winter of discontent.

Businesses are full of sick people. Cities are full of sick people.

Business leaders are trying to…

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