ls 20 minutes late the new “on time”? – Why you shouldn’t accept lateness

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Are you one of those people who cannot bear to be late – or one of those people who seems to be always running late?

For some people, being on time is an “obsession” –  and they can be very hard on themselves if they are running late. It makes them feel physically uncomfortable. The “on time” people also expect punctuality from others.

Former Hollywood and Facebook exec Chris Adams has very strong views ON TIME  about being on time.

Even though time and tardiness were not planned topics for our CAP videos – here’s how lateness became a topic for discussion. Does lateness drive YOU crazy?


I’m at Chris Adams’s office for our catch-up to record some more videos for the Chris Adams Project. We are both busy guys and we catch up every month or so in between doing all the tasks of our respective careers.


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