How you can cope with information overload – too much good stuff to read

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

How do YOU cope with the flood of useful information that drowns you every day?

We’re  talking useFUL information not useLESS information ( Can’t get no Satisfaction style!)

We’re talking  useFUL information that fires YOUR imagination – interesting articles and bits of news that come in via twitter and Facebook and Linked In and Mashable and TechCrunch…..and Pulse….and the Onion…and…and…     We are drinking from a firehose!

There’s lots of noise and rubbish of course – but there’s also no shortage of valuable information – what’s short is the time to read it and process it and benefit from it!

Do YOU get time to read all the “good stuff” that comes in?

Does all the reading distract you from your real work?

Would you like to be better at the way you balance  and prioritise – and  actually get time…

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