How you can be a better conference speaker + how to establish credibility and likeability

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

Chris Adams is a former Hollywood Exec from Participant Media who would “green light” and develop movies like An Inconvenient Truth and Syriana.

Chris has strong experience as a conference speaker at film conferences and more recently about social media. He also has strong(often contrarian) views on what makes a good conference speaker.

I’m keen to learn from Chris because I do some conference speaking on the topics of How to Work with the Media and Persuasive Communication – and I want to get better.

I study  and learn from youtube videos of Chris’s presentations – plus I have the advantage of being able to ask him questions directly when we catch up every month or so when we record a batch of videos for the Chris Adams Project.

Chris is happy to pass on lessons he has learned over the years including important lessons he has…

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