How storytelling and structure can help you in business

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

I’m very grateful for the day I met Hollywood and facebook exec Chris Adams at a backyard parent catch-up in Brisbane.

Chris is “into” a lot of things I am really  interested in: movies, writing, presenting, pitching, Obama, Bono and working to help good causes. Chris has worked in these areas at the highest levels. You can imagine how much I want to learn from him!

As a movie exec Chris helped create “Syriana” and “An Inconvenient Truth”

He is a big fan of Bono and is on the board of the Global Poverty Project (as is Bono)

He works with a talented young guy who created the social media for Obama’s 2008 Campaign.

He has met (and in some cases worked with many of my heroes) including George Clooney and Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

The best thing is Chris is willing to share his knowledge and experience –…

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