How you can cope with information overload – too much good stuff to read

How do YOU cope with the flood of useful information that drowns you every day?

We’re  talking useFUL information not useLESS information ( Can’t get no Satisfaction style!)

We’re talking  useFUL information that fires YOUR imagination – interesting articles and bits of news that come in via twitter and Facebook and Linked In and Mashable and TechCrunch…..and Pulse….and the Onion…and…and…     We are drinking from a firehose!

There’s lots of noise and rubbish of course – but there’s also no shortage of valuable information – what’s short is the time to read it and process it and benefit from it!

Do YOU get time to read all the “good stuff” that comes in?

Does all the reading distract you from your real work?

Would you like to be better at the way you balance  and prioritise – and  actually get time to read some of the good stuff – with all your real work you have to do?

I know I struggle getting around to “processing” all the great links and articles that come my way – so I asked former Facebook and Hollywoord exec Chris Adams how HE does it.

Chris usually has interesting ways of doing things. He’s usually learned from his mistakes. He has strong opinions – and he isn’t afraid to share them.

Chris is often up-to-date on so many different topics – especially the ever-changing social media.

I wanted to know how Chris:

–     prioritises his reading

–     makes time to read important material – when are his best times?

–     uses technology – what does he read on? Computer screen? mobile? i-Pad?

Does he schedule reading time?

Does he use a timer so he doesn’t get too engrossed in reading?
(I limit myself to a certain amount of time (usually 20-minute chunks)  and I use a timer to make sure I stick to my designated time! That’s what works for me – I know I can get so engrossed and just want to learn more and more and more. I know I need to be more disciplined!

Here are Chris’s tips:

He reveals how he uses time and technology – and his tips link in with a previous post on why he  must be on time and why he WILL NOT be late!

Take the time to Enjoy this!

Also, if you’re interested I found a good post about information overload and evolution.

Oh Dear – more stuff to read – more information.

Evolution and Information Overload


If you are new to this CAP blog

Who is writing this?

I’m Tony Biancotti – an Australian  journalist turned communication consultant, presentation trainer and coach and business writing “teacher”.  I learn lots from former Hollywood exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams (who now lives in Brisbane). Chris and I catch up every month or so and I capture his views (on business, presenting, pitching etc) on camera. I write the text (my opinion)  in these posts and Chris gives his opinion in the video.


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