Warnings of a catastrophic lack of funding for innovation + possible solutions

This is the first time I’ve caught up with Chris for a while to record some fresh videos for The Chris Adams Project – and as you can see he is ready to roll with ideas (and in this post, concerns) he has been building up.

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec – keen to help develop and encourage Australian businesses

I’ve included 2 videos in this post – the first one “sets up” the problem and concern – the lack of funding and the serious brain drain.

The second video expands on this and adds Chris’s perspective on what we can do to help solve the problem.

In the first video Chris vents about lots of things:

  • The catastrophic lack of funding in Australia for innovation
  • The dangers of a serious brain drain of talent
  • Clive Palmer investing – in the past
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Australia’s great position as a pivot between West and East

Video 1:

O.K. Chris you’ve got my attention on the seriousness of the problem – any suggestions what to do about it?

Video 2:

This is a more serious side of Chris. I got the impression he really wants Australians to wake up to potential dangers of losing great people and of missing business opportunities.

If you are new to this blog

Who is writing this?

I’m Tony Biancotti – an Australian  journalist turned communication consultant and I learn lots from former Hollywood exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams (who now lives in Brisbane). Chris and I catch up every month or so and I capture his views (on business, presenting, pitching etc) on camera. I write the text (my opinion)  in these posts and Chris gives his opinion in the video.


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