How you can communicate better with both the “creative” types AND the financial “money” people

How do you communicate with and persuade financial and “money” types?

How do you communicate with, persuade and win the trust of “creative” types?

Movie exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams has to communicate with both types. He shares tips on how you can adjust your “communication style” so you connect with these two very different styles.

In his movie and facebook days, Chris occupied very important “ground” between creative artists, writers and software engineers (who he argues are artists) and the venture capitalists and “money boys” (as he called them).

He described himself as a “suit” with a PhD in poetry and a love of storytelling.

I was keen to learn from Chris – how to bridge the gap. I often help creative types in advertising agencies improve their pitches and presentations – and from my experience the “creatives” detested and did not trust the “suits”. I’d go so far as to call it HATRED between the SUITS and the CREATIVES – not  good for business, so you really need to know how to communicate with both types.

helping creatives in ad agencies – with a retro Madman vibe! Love that show!

See what you can learn from Chris.

If you are a numbers/financial type see what you need to do to win the trust of the creative types.

If you are a creative type trying to get financial support for your projects – here’s how you can talk to the “money boys” (as Chris calls them).

Thanks Chris!

When trying to persuade “money people” I’ll make sure I don’t assume they are cold, passionless automatons! I’ll remember to hook them with  a story, with passion and emotion – but give them the numbers to justify their decisions.


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