Chris Adams biz-dom (Business Wisdom) on how to look at “Failure” + Tips for CEOs – what’s your motivation? What’s your suitability

Chris Adams – Participant Media Exec in charge of green lighting movies such as “Syriana” and “North Country”

Chris and I catch up every month or so and we capture a whole bunch of biz-dom (business wisdom) from his experience working as a Hollywood and Facebook exec.

I’m a journalist turned communication and presentation consultant and trainer. I’m keen to learn so many things from Chris. I’m a big movie fan and I was a big fan of many of the Participant films – before I knew they were Participant Films. (such as “Good Night, and  Good Luck” and “Syriana”.)

Tony Biancotti – journalist and movie fan turned communication and presentation coach

Chris has these colourful – often contrarian and counter-intuitive views.

I must confess, sometimes when I’m listening to his answers I’m secretly thinking “yeah riiiight!” (as in  a sarcastic riiiight –  which is actually disagreement ).

After I’ve thought about it – “yeah riiiight”(skepticism) turns to “yeah right!” (agreement).

Like (in the second video) when he says that a CEO should be the “dumbest guy (or gal) in the room”

At first I thought “yeah riiiight – that’ll work” – but later I understood Chris doesn’t mean that the CEO should be dumb – but that a CEOs should surround themselves with smarter people – so it’s not that the CEOS should be dumb, but that everyone else should be smarter.

Maybe you “get it” faster than I do. Then again, maybe you too will initially think “yeah riiiiiight” to some of the things Chris says. That’s OK – but I encourage you to “run with it and see where his point ends up”.

In this post we talk about the F word – Failure. When I was researching Participant Media (before I pitched him the idea of the Chris Adams Project) I noted that Participant Media had many successes with films such as Syriana, An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night, and Good luck.

Chris was responsible for “green-lighting” different projects and making sure the projects fitted with Participant’s objective to use films to help inspire people to make social change

Participant also had misses as well as hits – and many projects never make through what they call in the movie business “development hell”.

I wanted to get Chris’s tips on how to deal with the failures. (Video 1)

My experience is that many organisations and business leaders are afraid to try things because they are afraid to fail.

In Video 2 Chris shares tips for CEOs – especially Australian CEOs. He has been a CEO and he shares how not everyone is best suited to be a CEO and how to be an effective CEO.

If you are a CEO – or aspire to be one – what’s your motivation and suitability?

I’ve included links for background on some of the inspiring CEOs he worked with such as: Jeff Skoll

Also, here’s a link to the film Chris talks about – North Country starring Charlize Theron. Was it a “failure”?

I love the drama when talking with Chris. I have to frame the shot wide to capture the big gestures. Also, the suspense – will he finish what he has to say before my flip camera runs out of battery? See for yourself in Video 2!



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