So who is this dude Chris Adams – and why should we care?

Thanks for your reaction to the very first post in the Chris Adams Project.  I’ve had questions from people wanting to know more about what exactly is Chris’s movie background. “Movie exec” is such a vague and broad term!

So here is a quick background in the set-up to this video of Chris presenting at AIMIA – The Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

He explains how he worked for Participant Media – the organisation behind films such as Syriana and An Inconvenient Truth. Participant Media films have won 4 academy awards – so far!

Chris was in charge of “green-lighting” projects and making sure the movies achieved the Participant Media objective to use media to inspire people to make social change. (You can see this in the first couple on minutes of the video. You can linger longer to see his views on how some businesses are using new media to break new ground.)

I don’t work for Chris. As mentioned in the ABOUT session of CAP (Chris Adams Project), we met as dads and I was amused and entertained by his “Hollywood Exec” style. I also was keen to learn from him.

Anyway, enjoy!


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