Chris Adams tips for Americans working with Australians and Aussies working with Americans

Oh dear! The first post and in my haste to get the ball rolling, the camera angle is a bit low and unflattering.

“Don’t worry” says Chris “I’m not precious about that”.

I hope you are as accepting and that your focus more on the angle of the chat rather than the angle of the camera. The camera work will get better as the project progresses!

Anyway, the angle of the chat is about tips for Americans and Australians working together in business :

  1. Tips for Americans wanting to work well with Australians and
  2. Tips for Australians to avoid mistakes when working with Americans.

In summary:

For Americans working with Australians:

  1. Turn down your volume
  2. Don’t e-mail on weekends (unless essential)

For Aussies working with Americans

  1. Don’t confuse your “beer buddy” relationship with your business relationship
  2. Give “needy” Americans the attention they need.

Now please bear in mind Chris is speaking from his experience working in the Hollywood movie industry and Silicon Valley tech industries. I’m sure not all Americans are as needy.


chris adams tips


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