What you can learn from a Hollywood exec about the the business parts of show and the show parts of business

It’s show business not show show

How the “project” began

I first met Chris at a lunch of school parent friends in suburban Brisbane. All the parents chatted and joked while our kids splashed in a backyard pool. I got to like this wisecracking American – before I got to know who he actually was.

I later found out all the things he had done (working with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and bringing to life academy award winning movies such as “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Syriana” with Matt Damon and George Clooney) and all the stuff he is now doing in Australia (digital media agency Beachball media and helping develop local films).

Chris Adams – Hollywood and Facebook exec

I must confess I was surprised to find a guy with Chris’s experience and “big game” expertise in a Brisbane backyard.  I thought “Hollywood types” had to be rude and obnoxious. Maybe I’d seen too many movies and  episodes of  “Entourage“!

I found Chris to be very knowledgeable – yet approachable. There was so much I wanted to learn from him – how to perform and do business in pressure-cooker environments like Hollywood, how to negotiate and pitch at the highest, high-stakes levels, how to mix a busy work life with family, how to cope when overwhelmed with so many competing tasks. Lots of How To’s!

Tony Biancotti – journalist, interviewer, impressionable Bryan Ferry fan!

I pitched Chris the idea of a Project where I’d capture on camera a lot of his knowledge and experience. I wanted to learn – he was happy to share. He could see the benefit of ordering and capturing  all the business and life lessons he’d learned.


Why the name: Chris Adams Project aka CAP?

Now, I must stress that I suggested the name the Chris Adams Project  (CAP)– not Chris.

The name was inspired by the name the Alan Parsons Project (APP), the Austin Powers reference to the Alan Parsons Project, and catchy 3-letter titles like TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

Also, this is an on-going project and it’s an experiment. Chris and I are busy with our regular work – but we catch up from time to time and I capture his answers to my questions on my flip camera. Fast, easy, do-able!

I must warn you – Chris knows a lot and he talks a lot. My role (as a former journalist) is to capture and organise (curate) all his knowledge into simple, easy-to-digest chunks.

I’m not the greatest cameraperson – but I’m not too bad at interviewing (asking the questions an audience wants to ask) and “packaging” information for an audience. So, if you are happy to accept the lo-fi flavor of this project, I reckon you can learn a lot too from Chris.

If you have any questions you think you and others can benefit from, please contact me and I’ll add them to the list of questions I want ask Chris.


The project is low key, lo-fi and, hopefully, an enjoyable way to learn about the biz of show and the show of biz .

Enjoy!  Tony


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